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June 13, 2010 / Melissa Leeanne

Only More Questions

Suspected Taliban militants have executed a 7-year-old boy, accusing him of spying for the government, officials in southern Afghanistan said Thursday.

The Taliban is blatantly disregarding basic human rights by executing a child, but how do we (the rest of the world) deal with it?

In my daily life, I frequently give no thought to the fact that we are at war with Afghanistan.  The war in Afghanistan is being called the longest war in US history. If we are already at war with Afghanistan in an attempt to eradicate the Taliban, what more can we do?

Perhaps the question to ask is not “what more can we do?” but “what can we do differently?”  Consider briefly the history of warfare, even if you lack expertise on the matter, you may recall that we once fought our battles upon open fields.  Oh, how warfare has evolved.  Now we can fight our enemies in much the same way that we play video games and we have weapons of mass destruction that could cause limitless devastation.

Our enemies today are terrorist groups, yet we find ourselves instead fighting wars against the countries harboring these groups.  Our moms always reminded us that we might be judged by the company we keep, but I doubt they imagined it to be a life threatening situation.

Why has our method of warfare not evolved in such a way that we can concentrate our focus on fighting the group without occupying a country?

How can the world’s largest and most advanced military fight a war for ten years against a small terrorist organization?

What is the real purpose of this (and our other) war?

When will we admit that we are wasting trillions of dollars and sacrificing lives over lies and pull out?

These are not new questions and I provide no answers, but I thought about it, which is more than many Americans can say on any given day.


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