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June 13, 2010 / Melissa Leeanne

Rhetorical Question

I recently posted a lot of questions about our methods of warfare and why we haven’t developed a strategy to target the terrorist organizations rather than occupying an entire country.

It was more a rhetorical question.  I certainly don’t believe we don’t have the ability to apply different strategies – we do.  I didn’t have to wait long to figure out why we don’t apply different strategies.

Afghanistan is full of natural resources that we want!  With the BP oil spill mess (do I need to even cite a source? It’s EVERYWHERE) there is definitely going to be even more of a push for clean, renewable energy, including developing and using technology powered by lithium ion batteries and what better place to get lithium carbonate than this poor country we are occupying?

We can get our oil from Iraq (or on the shores along the gulf coast?) and our lithium carbonate from Afghanistan and when we need something else valuable and expensive, we can just find another country to occupy!


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