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June 14, 2010 / Melissa Leeanne

Don’t blame the rats…

Don’t blame the rats.  Blame the children.  Wait, don’t blame the children; blame their PARENTS.

I’m teaching art classes currently and in one of my classes there was a kid with snot noticeably dripping from his nose the whole first week of class.  I should have just given him a pencil and eraser and one of those surgical face masks and quarantined him to another part of the classroom.  Or sprayed him with lysol?  I doubt that is legal.  In any case, every single student in all three of my classes has potentially touched something he has touched and I certainly have.

I didn’t feel well on Sunday evening and when I woke up Monday morning I had a full on cold with aches and a sore throat.  I muttered to myself about the kids carrying diseases like rats, then I realized that the real problem was not the kid.  This poor kid’s mom or dad was in charge of whether he attended Fine Arts Camp or not; they had paid money for the program and I guess I can sort of see why they sent him.  That doesn’t mean I like it, though.

And here I am, sucking it up and going to teach with a cold because, well, I need the money and there isn’t exactly a substitute available to teach Creating Comics.

And so disease spreads.  I hope I give these children more in life than a cold and that they one day grow up to be famous comics artists.  They would do better to choose a career that assures more money and/or actual fame, though, I suppose.

I hope I don’t have a fever, though feverish delirium might explain why I wrote this awful post.


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